Friday 3 August 2012

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This is so simple to make and so fun to use! All you need is some cardboard, scissors and tape. Attach your heart bokeh filter to your camera with tape (making it very easy to put on & remove). In terms of camera, a lense with a shallow depth of field works the best (such as a 50 mm 1.8, 1.4 or even better, 1.2) - in fact I am not sure how well this will work on a wide-angle or zoom lense, but hey, it's so easy, it's worth a try. Happy Heart-ing!

Monday 30 July 2012


I have an ever increasing, verging on ridiculous collection of sunglasses - and with the purchase of every new pair came the dilemma of where to put them. First it was drawers, then I moved over to mantel-piece surfaces and when that got out of hand, I resorted to the walls. This is pretty self-explanatory - nails, hammer, twine. Make sure you double knot the twine at both ends (and if you are spatially unaware like me, double check that the nails are levelled!) and hang all the sunglasses from the same angle, makes it look a lot more organized!
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I grew up on salad - people often shudder when they hear the word "salad" - and I can understand why, most restaurants' version of a salad is a pile of limp, flavourless vegetables. Or, if you live in France, a few lettuce leaves drowning in some sort of smelly cheese. Gross. My mom taught me well however, she is undeniably the salad queen. I've been making this salad all summer long and it works either as a main or a side dish. Trick to make this salad super tasty, is chop everything super super finely, especially the lettuce. And always cut the cherry tomatoes in half. The bacon adds a lot of flavour, cook it in the oven, so it is less greasy. Finally, for the dressing, I mix a small amount of  sundried tomato oil with some balsamic vinegar, add a dash of honey plus some pepper, and voila!